4G Calving Camera with Sim Card

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 This 4G camera is the latest and most advanced in our range. It is capable of connecting to 3G or 4G networks and offers high quality video directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world. All you need is a power socket and mobile phone coverage.

Our pan and tilt version is ideally suited for fixing to a wall, allowing 270° degrees of movement left and right and 90 Degrees up and down. Recommended for covering 1-2/3 pins placed along a wall (see our coverage map). The app allows you to store areas so the camera will move to that position at the press of a button. 

Digital zoom and 30 m night vision comes with all models of this camera while our premium model features colour night vision and an internal microphone.

The unit is completely self-contained in a waterproof housing so relocation is quick and easy.

Additional WiFi only cameras from our range can be added on to the 4G cameras data connection to increase your viewing capabilities.

Setup and Mobile Network

Set up is quick and easy, simply insert your sim card, plug in your camera and download the app to get started. You will be able to connect to all 4G mobile networks with ease, just like the data connection on your phone. Tutorials are available on our YouTube Channel to help with the set up process.

We offer either Three or Vodafone prepay sim cards with €10 credit so it’s ready to go out of the box. Select your desired network and we will take care of the rest.

 If you choose to select to a mobile network (Vodafone etc) with us you will be registered on their website to top up your sim card online.

We recommend buying monthly data bundles from the network provider and cost around €20 a month during calving season. On a typical farm 4-5 GB would be used per month during peak calving times. 

An app for your smartphone, tablet and PC is included, allowing multiple people with to view the camera remotely. 

Choose from our standard or premium model:

  • Our standard model has a 2.0 Mp camera with a 30 m black & white night vision range. 
  • Our Premium model has a 2.0 Mp camera with 30 m colour night vision range (changes between B&W and colour depending on scene) and an internal microphone.

We recommend that you check your broadband speed in the intended camera location on your smartphone. Your upload speed should be greater than 1 Mbps for a high quality video. If it is close to 1  Mbps it will likely work as the calving has a better receiver than standard smartphones. 

If the speed is slow an external antenna can be used to improve the connection by placing it outside the shed.



1 x 4G Calving Camera

1 x Power Supply

1 x Calving Camera Bracket

1 x Assorted Fixing Screws and Connectors

1 x Sim Card Installed -Optional


Specific Details

Free Delivery to the Republic of Ireland and UK.

Typically ships within 1 working day via DPD next day delivery. Please allow 2 working days delivery. Sim card versions can take up to 2 days longer. 

Please contact us using our contact form or call 085-829 6316.

Ideal for: Farms, Calving cameras, Warehouses, Remote and Temporary Locations.


Vat is included in the price which can be claimed back by sending VAT form-58 to revenue at the end of the year if you are not already VAT registered.

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