Case Studies

Case Studies

Below are number of case studies of cameras we have fitted in the past.


Long range WiFi Antenna and Dome PTZ Camera

On J’s farm the shed was approximately 70 yards from the house. There was window that looked directly toward the shed with corrugated sheeting on half the wall and block the remaining portion. There was a 2 inch gap between the sheeting so the WiFi signal could easily penetrate. We attached a long range antenna to the inside of the window pointing toward the shed and place a dome PTZ camera in the shed. The long range antenna connected wirelessly to the home WiFi so all that was required was power socket beside the window. The network at that time had an upload speed of 1.56 Mbps provided by Vodafone Broadband via the landline.


WiFi Dongle with sim card and Dome PTZ Camera

B’s newly built shed was approximately 60 yards from the house but the internet was provided by eircom and had an upload speed of less than 0.2 Mbps. The upload speed was reliable enough to use this so we installed a Three WiFi dongle with a sim card to provide an internet connection in the shed. Our Dome PTZ camera was then placed high in the roof to cover the full 9 bays of the shed.


3G sim card bullet camera

C’s shed was 3 miles away from their house so they opted for a 3G sim card bullet camera. The shed had good network coverage from Vodafone so a Vodafone sim card was used. The camera was placed approximately 9 Ft above the calving pin. We put in a pan tilt bracket so they could check the pin to the side where cows due soon were kept.


Bullet Camera and WiFi Dongle with sim card

D’s shed was about 100 yards from the house but had no window facing the shed and there was a hay shed in the way which would have required two antennas which would have been awkward to position. As well as that they had eircom broadband in the house with an upload speed of 0.46 Mbps. We opted for to install a static bullet camera with a Vodafone WiFi dongle with sim card in the shed as it was the cheapest option and had much better video quality compared to the eircom based system.


Dome PTZ camera with long range antenna

P’s shed had corrugated sheeting side walls with gaps of about inch every sheet. They house was 125 yards from their two story house but the shed was obscured by trees at ground level but at the shed was visible from the first floor. The first floor was concrete so an Ethernet cable was ran by the local electrician from the home router downstairs up to the Antenna. This allowed wired connection between the antenna and home router and so was much more stable. The dome camera was placed in the centre passage of the shed as there was calving creeps on both sides of the bays.